Reflections of Pink Shadows

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I had a mild stroke March 14th 2014,  and on Saint Patrick’s Day, of that same year, I changed my life and lifestyle.  I wanted to live …  I was allowed to survive the stroke so that I may learn to live , truly live again!  I decided to become healthy ,  physically and emotionally, from the inside out… The weight loss is just a side effect . How fabulous is that?  When I had my stroke, I weighed 399 pounds. Today I weigh 184 pounds !

I created this fabulous ‘Reflections of Pink Shadows’ blog to hopefully inspire anyone wanting to become healthy, fit, and most importantly… FABULOUS! The blog was created to share for anyone wanting to see, what and how, I live my days to the absolute fullest.

I am aware that it won’t always be beautiful; downright ugly at times, but will always be my ‘reflections of pink shadows’. It will be a continuation of the most incredible, gorgeous, journey of self-awareness and personal growth. I am truly blessed beyond measure to have a second chance, and know that I have a second chance, to live… I saved my life with nutrition! But I can’t do it alone, I need you ~ my family and friends. I need all the support, encouragement…and the occasional kick in the ass to get it done. Everyday is a new opportunity to make the best, you, possible… And me!

Thank you for checking out me and my blog. I promise it will be amazing!

~ Lynnie

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