I was told by doctors today that I need to rest my body more… That’s not the problem it’s my mind that needs to rest, the rest will follow.

I was told today, not only do I have bulging and herniated discs from my neck to my lower back, osteoarthritis, arthritic spinal compression with arthritic calcification, contractual tendons and ligaments in my right foot and right shoulder, plantar fasciitis in both feet, inflamed nerves in my left foot, shingle nerve pain in my right shoulder, trapezius myalgia, allergies and asthma, sensitive skin, all my digestive issues still, my body is learning how to function not being heavy, severe anxiety and depression, bad left knee from high school track, my right knee acts up from time to time due to arthritis and overuse, bilateral carpal tunnel, nerve damage in left neck region and arm, inflamed joints with lymph fluid pooling up in my lymph tissue, I suffer from chronic debilitating sometimes life shattering migraines…

I have a golfer’s elbow! What the fuck!
It’s caused by the same motion as if I was swinging a golf club when I mop floors! Who knew? Now with all this going on with me, I still don’t stop doing what I’m doing! I am going to remain physically active as long as my body will allow… Yes, I will slow down ((fingers frossed))

Ice ice baby, CBD oil, and a couple meds with rest as much as possible! Vitamins and supplements, homeopathic natural remedies, Chiropractic adjustments, physical therapy, massage therapy… Oh my! I see a podiatrist and a neurologist for certain issues. I get lidocaine pressure point injections right into the muscle to help relieve tensions, I stopped taking the steroid shots ! I don’t like how they make me feel.

Im writing my book(s) and studying nutrition. In the spring summer I have an organic vegetable garden, I ride my bike, I go for walks, I swim, I just sit outside and meditate sometimes…

Thank you for always being there in the background whenever I needed encouragement!!

Thanks for checking in on my blog! ~ Lynnie