2014: I weighed 399 pounds.              Today: I weigh 128.3 pounds!

Some before pics of me and a current (tonight) pic of me in comments. I show all of my weight loss journey. Its extremely difficult for me to show these pictures but it is me… I’m staying accountable and if it will help one person decide to change their life for a healthier lifestyle… I will do it! I am staying accountable through this whole journey… It is my lifestyle now! I am shedding the outer layers… so you can see the real me!

* all “skin” pics are POST ((botched)) tummy tuck & skin removal surgeries…I have to go through all this hell again …1.5 years from now. Doc(s) want me to wait until 2020!!

* top pic (tonight)… * pink tank pic: I had 7 pounds of skin hanging on me.

Thanks for checking in on my blog!

~ Lynnie