Doc said he has to do a revision skin removal surgery. Apt in December. Now have to get insurance to cover it. Won’t know until then & need a Pre Authorization. So I wait with uncertainty re: the whole damn thing!

The reason he said he didn’t do it in the first place is because he would have to make two horizontal but parallel incisions and he was afraid that in between the two incisions in the no man land… That it would die and cut off the blood supply to my stomach… So he’s going to call the insurance company tell them he needs pre-authorization to continue the original quote quote surgery… Hopefully more swelling will go down the incision will heal better and he might be able to do the whole revision of the tummy not just the but in the middle of my stomach. So the roll of skin woyld be more prominent because of 2 parallel incisions…unless he can pull 1st one down lower to groin area….OMG! This Fucking Sucks!

I’m not sure I want this doc to do the revision…can anyone help me?