It’s crazy to think of the person I was back in March 2014.

I was 399 pounds…refusing to see a “4” on the scale after my first stroke, I did something about it! I educated myself on nutrition first, then I refreshed my self… Body included… About physical activity! It wasn’t easy! Hell it was downright HELL!

My body and brain were fighting me the whole way, I had family and friends who were internally sabotaging me, I didn’t know what to do at one point! I know people wanted to see me fail and brought me things like pizza, mocha frappes, inviting me out to dinner; I cannot tell you the hell I went through inside my heart. But somehow Day by Day, meal by meal, bite by bite… I got stronger!

Today I weigh 144 pounds!! I am scheduled for skin removal and tummy tuck this August 22nd. I’m a little anxious about it. But I know it’s for the better because it has to come off for me to move forward with my health and nutrition… I am sending love and strength to anyone who needs it, to anyone who is fighting this battle, and to anyone who was fighting everyone else around them, just to get through the day!

Thanks for checking in! ~ Lynnie