Do’ & Dont’s about better health and nutrition with others (especially children)

DO: take charge and lead by example, setting limits for your own nutrition, keeping physically active, and not smoking. Be a role model for healthier living.

DON’T: belittle or insult them especially children because of their weight or body image.

DO: stress healthy behavior over pounds on a scale. Better habits will lead to lower numbers.

DON’T: become the “food police.” ask children if they are hungry, rather than feeding… Or depriving them… According to a strict routine, and teach them to monitor their own appetites. Also teach them to let you know when they’re feeling hungry and to ask for a healthy snack if its in between meal times.

DO: consult reputable sources for health and nutrition recommendations to guide your decisions and leadership in the household. Consult your doctor before starting any changes in nutrition or starting any new physical activity regiment.

DON’T: nag or fuss! Be gentle, but firm, if children have trouble adjusting to new habits.